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What is Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork Therapy is the fast and effective way to release stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and negative cell memory.

Memory Cell, as the name implies, is basically the memory that resides within the cells within the body. Each cell in the body has its own memory that stores reserves of information related to past, positive, and negative experiences. When a cell stores a memory from a negative experience, this will cause an undesirable effect that usually manifests itself as a physical or emotional blockage. These are often unconscious memories, of a much deeper mental level, unconscious impressions in emotional memory.


When we experience chronic pain, stress, anxiety or depression, it is a memory within the cells that is causing a reaction within the body. This applies to all aspects of a person's life at both physical and emotional levels. Which means that cellular memory can physically affect your body in the form of disease, and emotionally through our reactions and responses to events and relationships as well as metaphysically through the things we attract in life.

The good news is that you can change cell memory and release painful and negative memories for good. As a result, we stop re-creating and replicating these painful impressions and feelings in today's life.


Breathwork Therapy is the work of emotional liberation. It helps us to let go of our stress and emotional buildup so that we can live free from the negative influences and traumatic experiences of the past and the repressed emotions and their long-term consequences. Feeling and releasing these emotions through breathing results in profound healing and permanent change.

The technique works through circular or connected breathing done through the nose, which is done with my guidance.

How does Breathwork Therapy Work?

Breathwork Therapy takes us deeply to the source of the injury that brought the pain first, accumulated in the development of the emotional throughout our lives. Our emotional pain, the root of all life's problems, is brought to the surface to be processed and released. 

Breathwork Therapy directly reaches the limbic system to release deeply and often unconsciously emotional traumas.  Breathwork Therapy also reaches the brainstem from where the entire nervous system can be released properly. Traumas and stored emotions associated with them are released and consequently innumerable healthy benefits to the physical body occur.

What are the benefits?

As the emotional and somatic / physical body are treated, the entire nervous system goes through a thorough cleansing and the energy begins to flow freely again. You will find that you have more energy available to take care of tasks in everyday life and do more things that you love. Breathwork Therapy offers relief from anxiety, depression and all emotional problems.


In addition to offering significant relief from emotional issues and pain, Breathwork Therapy results in better, more conscious and more intimate relationships. When we are no longer re-creating and acting on our traumas of the past, our relationship with ourselves and with others becomes easier. Ultimately we are able to release our unconscious negative beliefs, break with negative repetitive patterns, and replace them with more functional and rewarding patterns.

Is Breathwork Therapy for me?

Breathwork Therapy is recommended for anyone over 18 with: anxiety, stress and conditions related to stress, depression, insomnia, relationship problems and self esteem, and other life problems.


Breathwork is not recommended for anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, seizures, aneurysms or during pregnancy.


If you have serious health problems, consult your doctor or specialist. Remember that breathing is not a substitute for medical treatment, but a supplemental healing modality. Consult your doctor first.

How many sessions are necessary?

It is generally recommended to have at least three sessions to give your body and mind a chance to allow the technique to actually have breathing working for you.


The more breathing sessions you have, the more you will have the opportunity to see the benefits in the long run. A series of ten sessions will allow you to start breaking down the breathing and blocking habits in your life.


Some problems are not handled in just one session. For example, the effects of very traumatic events such as violence or serious accidents require time.


You can come to the first initial session to know the process, and then set a goal for more sessions.

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