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I received two Rebirthing sessions under Ramon's guidance.  Unsure of what the sessions would actually entail, but curious to see where they would lead, I was delightfully surprised and enriched by the experience.  Ramon has a very calm presence and is deeply talented in guiding the ebbs and flows of the entire experience.   I highly recommend it to anyone interested in meditation, self-awareness, and personal growth.  I use the techniques Ramon taught me on a daily basis and find that they are endlessly useful.  I'll definitely be back for more!

William Pietrykowski, Government Analyst

Brooklyn, NY

Rebirthing seems a relatively carefree approach if we look only at the surface. And the presence of a good rebirther is vital just when things seem to be quiet on the outside, but are being worked deeply into their inner world.

Having Ramon by my side was truly a blessing during the most difficult time of my own process, knowing he would be there for me, paying attention to every nuance of my body and mind.

I sincerely endorse Ramon as an outstanding professional Breathworker to anyone going through rebirth on any level. Surely you will be in good hands. And he is kind and has a fun soul.

Isao Kato, Translator

Hengshan Town, Taiwan

Ramon does an amazing job of guiding you through each session and helping you work through whatever memories may come to the surface. With something as powerful as Rebirthing, it is crucial to be coached in the correct way to have the best possible outcome. And I highly recommend Ramon. I left the session with a better understanding of myself and how to care for myself based on my individual needs.

Alessandra Melo, V.P. Creative Director

Brooklyn, NY


It is unbelievable the power of the energy generated through the breath and how it can heal our mind, body and spirit. I clearly felt these benefits. Ramon not only helped me immensely, but my entire family. Today we have more balance, harmony and awareness of the power of breathing. Highly recommend Ramon!

Lais Namen, Pediatrician Doctor

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

It's been 6 years since I've been exploring the therapeutic area to find cures for trauma that were not very clear to me. It was for this reason that I came to the United States and also to study the energy of the human body. Ramon heard about my quest, noted the patterns of my breathing, and suggested a Rebirthing session. After a few minutes following the instructions for circular breathing I experienced body changes and also began to emerge memories, emotions and sensations of reliving moments of my life. Tears came unfamiliar to me and I felt safe and comfortable by the way the session was conducted. The sense of balance and presence of mind sensed after the session was powerful. As a therapist I could see the expansion of my energy field, the integration of my subconscious with the heart and action of the fundamental elements of life. Ramon has a characteristic cream of empowering people and helped me to understand that breathing has the power to release psychological resistances

Adrian Chaves, Therapist 

San Francisco, CA

Gratitude is the word that sums up my feeling for Ramon's work. How much energy, how much we need to heal and let go of our body memories, and breathing allows us to do so. Ramon with his sweetness and sensitivity, guided me and made me experiencing through breathing incredible sensations. I felt light, clear and with an impressive clarity of thought. I supper recommend Ramon's work.

Dr. Cristiane Tavares, Dentist

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I had a very pure and strong connection with Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy. I connected with my childhood memories, memories of moments and people that I no longer remembered ... and it was beautiful, because they were wonderful moments that for some reason were forgotten by me. Then came a feeling of gratitude and ecstasy that took my spirit and my body so that I only felt pleasure, pleasure to be alive, pleasure for everything I lived and for who I am. Ramon was an odd instrument for everything to flow as it did, with lightness, a sense of security and freedom. A thoughtful and committed therapist. I'm grateful!

Juliana Mara, Natural Cosmetic Specialist

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Breathwork therapy, brilliantly conducted by Ramon, brought me memories and sensations I had never experienced before. The session had been conducted very quietly and with the utmost attention and serenity. Thanks to this unique experience, I could see and work on the cause of my anxiety, check the failures and frustrations that had been repressed in the distant past and dormant in my subconscious. It made me see the positives and negatives of my present actions and thus, shape my decisions in a more positive and self-confident way. I recommend and think that all people should participate in this wonderful and enlightening experience at least once in life, especially because it is led by this person so enlightened, full of good energies and qualified by the best masters of this planet.

Telmo Filho, Entrepreneur

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I did not know what Rebirthing Therapy was until the moment I did and it was exactly what I needed most! At first I thought it would be only breathing and meditation, and it was much more than that! Ramon was extremely careful and guided me in the process very accurately making me come into a deep state of incredible self knowledge and relaxation! During the session, I shared memories forgotten from my childhood. We then did the work with my Inner Child and it was like a balm to be able to forgive me, heal and free me from false beliefs! Can not wait to do the next one!

Ronnie Peterson, Professional Makeup Artist

Brooklyn, NY

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