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Ramon Mendes

Breathwork Practitioner


About Ramon Mendes

Breathwork Practitioner, certified by RBI, Virginia / USA.

My focus is to teach people to heal themselves of past traumas, pains or blockages, and to stimulate their own development as a human being, without obstacles that may lead to inadequate situations of suffering related to biological, psychological and social factors.

Ramon has a very calm presence and is deeply talented in guiding  the whole experience.

William Pietrykowski, Government Analyst

Brooklyn, NY

What is Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork Therapy is the work of emotional liberation, a fast and effective way to release stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and negative cell memory.  It can help us to let go of our stress and emotional accumulation so that we can live free from negative influences, traumatic experiences of the past and repressed emotions and their long-term consequences.

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